Defense and More: Business Attorneys

Defense and More: Business Attorneys

  • 5 Topics Everyone Should Discuss With An Employment Attorney

    Few contracts people sign in their lives are as important as the ones involved in the hiring process. Businesses, workers, and contractors can all benefit from understanding the legalities involved with entering into employment. Here are 5 topics everyone should discuss with an employment attorney. Agreements and Contracts Formal agreements can make a major difference in how problems will be handled down the road. People taking on jobs should know what the terms of their employment will be.

  • As Economies Reopen, So Too Do Attempts To Avoid Granting Leave

    A sad fact of life in some companies is a complete dislike of granting extended leave to employees. With COVID-19 affecting everyone's lives now, however, being able to either get extended leave or have accommodations like continuing to work from home becomes more important than ever. You have certain leave rights granted by family leave laws and the Americans With Disabilities Act, and your employer should be able to work out a plan for you that keeps you and your family safe while allowing you to do what work you can.

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Defense and More: Business Attorneys

Businesses exist in many sectors. Some businesses are built around offering services, such as landscaping or hair care. Other businesses sell goods, such as wooden shelving or shoes. All of these businesses have one thing in common: they nee a good attorney on staff to take care of legal issues. See, business attorneys do not just work when a business owner gets called into court. They also ensure contracts are accurate, help review questions about taxes, and review internal procedures to ensure companies are abiding by the law with their employees. This blog will teach you even more about business attorneys, so dig in.