Defense and More: Business Attorneys

Defense and More: Business Attorneys

3 Tax Resolution Issues You Should Let a Lawyer Handle for You

Darrell Hanson

If you're running a business, one of the vital elements you need to take care of is your taxes. The IRS and state revenue authorities are always searching for companies that have defaulted on their payments. If you want to be protected from these agencies and overcome your financial hurdles, hire a lawyer. These professionals are experienced in handling taxes and can save you thousands of dollars. Here are three tax resolution issues you could let them handle for you.

Relief Claims

You can file a tax relief claim if you are a victim of identity theft. The IRS has guidelines on filing an ID theft claim, which requires individuals to provide information about the crime and their financial losses when they discovered it occurred, and the steps they've taken to resolve or prevent any further damage. You may also file this claim if you've changed your name or social security number due to marriage or divorce, or if you offered incorrect information on your returns.

Letting a lawyer handle a relief claim will help you get your refund. They'll investigate your case and negotiate with the IRS to get you the maximum refund. They'll also tell you the additional steps you may need to take to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Audit Protests

You may be audited for various reasons, including when there are errors on your return or if it appears that you've underpaid taxes. An audit can be stressful, especially if you handle it yourself. Luckily, an attorney can make the process easy and painless. Before the taxing authority checks your records, they'll ensure all your taxes are filed according to the regulations and correct any errors you may have made. They'll also ensure that you're following all the laws and are in good standing.

Debt Relief

You may be entitled to debt relief if you owe back taxes. This can be accomplished through one of two ways: an offer in compromise, or a settlement. The former is an agreement between you and the IRS, allowing them to collect some of the money you owe while forgiving the rest. The latter is a negotiated deal between you, your tax preparer, and the IRS. In this case, you'll pay some of what you owe (usually a percentage) to get out of debt for good. If worse comes to worst and your case with the IRS or state taxing authority isn't going well, it may be time to bring your tax matter to court. An experienced attorney will guide you through this process and ensure your case is handled with the care and attention it deserves. They'll also ensure that all your rights are protected throughout. 

Tax resolution issues can be pretty challenging to handle. If you don't want them to weigh you down, contact an attorney. They'll help you get the best solutions for these issues and give you peace of mind.


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