Defense and More: Business Attorneys

Defense and More: Business Attorneys

Benefits Of Hiring An Employment Attorney When Developing Employment Manuals

Darrell Hanson

When you first bring in new employees, it's standard practice to give them employment manuals. These are guidelines they need to know about before they can start representing your company. If you hire an employment attorney, creating these employment manuals will be a lot easier to do for several reasons.

They Can Identify What You're Able to Include

You can't just create any sort of rules that workers have to abide by because you could unknowingly include unfair or unlawful practices that could diminish an employee's rights. You need to make sure the rules you include in an employment manual are legitimate and allowed.

You can find out these details by speaking with an employment attorney. They know employment law and regulations that companies of varying sizes and industries are required to comply with. Their assistance will keep you from doing anything unethical when putting these employment manuals together.

They Will Help You Keep Manuals Simple

When creating employment manuals, you don't want to make them too complex. An overly complex manual could overwhelm new employees and prevent them from abiding by the guidelines you set in place. You need to keep these manuals simple, which an employment attorney can help you achieve.

They can figure out exactly what things you need to include and structure each guideline so that they're are simple to comprehend for everyone. An employment attorney will help you spell everything out in these manuals so employees don't get confused or just guess about the things they're supposed to do at work. 

They Will Break Down Relevant Employment Laws

There may be some questions that come up regarding employment law when putting together employment manuals. Rather than not addressing them and having a bunch of legal penalties to deal with later, you need the correct answers fast. You'll get them when you work with an employment lawyer that has been in this field for a long time.

They can give you information on all kinds of employment laws that are relevant to your employment manuals, such as laws regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, and termination practices. Knowing about these things is key in developing your employment manuals the right way.

Employee manuals introduce your new employees to your company and the culture it seeks to maintain. An employment lawyer will help you get these manuals put together in a way that's legal and truly helps new employees out. 

For more information, contact an employment attorney in your area.


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